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Windows 8 is here
Mid-2012 launch date would be more likely, experts say. Could be compatible with processors tablets

Microsoft today launched the Internet Explorer 9 (EFE)



WINDOWS 8 and arrives. That's all true. The big questions are how and when it will come, but most likely seems to be at some date in 2012, based on the typical interval of three years that Microsoft usually leave between their operating systems. The company founded by Bill Gates has leaked a few details, but his reticence only increased curiosity about the version that will replace Windows 7. However, online communities and the blogosphere are full of details, many based on filtered Screen shots of an early version of Windows 8.

The most coveted official candy of Windows 8 is to be, or might be, compatible with ARM processors, used in much of the tablets. The claim comes from own Steve Ballmer, chief executive of Microsoft, who referred her to speak this year at a technology conference. The appearance of a Windows version 8 compatible with ARM would represent a bold step for Windows, which has always been designed for x86-based computers governing Intel or AMD chips. This would allow Windows 8 spread more successfully in the expanding world of the tablets, perhaps providing competition to Apple.

Microsoft has promised to start times getting faster with each version of Windows. Although the boot time of Windows 7 has meant some improvement over the glacial pace with which comes the Windows XP operating system, many users find it too long waiting time. Microsoft would now try again to overcome this situation with Windows 8. The purpose: a resource "snapshot" that will dramatically reduce the startup time, along with some new tricks that will turn into something almost instantaneous hibernation mode output.

What we know, or think we know, about the interface changes to be deployed in Windows 8, stems largely filtered snapshot. Some of these possible improvements: the interface of the Ribbon, which was introduced in Office 2007 and expanded in Office 2010, could be adopted as a normal application of common applications of the system such as Windows Explorer.

Although the ribbon has been controversial, Microsoft seems willing to go ahead with it. Other data also from the screenshots leaked: small changes to the interface such as the possibility of using video clips and user icons and icons of the taskbar containing more information. Other new resources Windows 8 may include a built-in PDF reader called Modern Reader. This resource will reaffirm this format, widely used but fraught with vulnerabilities that leave you helpless to computer viruses.

Microsoft also put additional emphasis on allowing the user to recover from disasters that affect both files as the operating system itself. It points to the possibility of including a resource (History Vault) allowing automatic backup of files and give the user the ability to recover files to a previous state.

In this sense, a new Windows installation tool 8 would give the user the option to reinstall the entire operating system without losing user accounts, your personal files or installed programs or settings.
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