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Main » 2011 » December » 4 » Star celebs tweeted Happy 30th B-Day to Google Plus queen Britney Spears
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Star celebs tweeted Happy 30th B-Day to Google Plus queen Britney Spears

Britney Spears was named the most followed user on the new social media service Google Plus a week ahead of her 30th birthday. But most of her celebrity friends congratulated her by Tweet. Are the older social media websites like Facebook and Twitter easier for celebs to use because they are old school? Does +1 rule and RT or like drool?


OOPS! She did it again. Britney Spears got herself an official social media account on a new service called Google Plus and she has risen to fame as a verified celebrity who tweets things… um… we mean shares status updates… no, wait. What is it Google calls it when one of their members shares links and plus ones on their profile? I guess we’re like all her other "old” celebrity friends who are skilled at using Twitter and Facebook but lost when it comes time to talk about other types of new-fangled social media.

Mashable reported the pop tart birthday news about her success on the new social media website hosted by Google, comparing her net gains in followers there to her already robust contact base on the old-fashioned rival websites Facebook and Twitter.

They shared the news she’s now the Queen of Google Plus by saying:

Ahead of her early 30th birthday this week, Britney Spears has recently dethroned Google CEO Larry Page as Google+’s most-followed person.


Roughly 775,000 people follow the pop star’s Google+ account. In comparison, 15.4 million fans "Like” her Facebook page and 11.4 million followers monitor her Twitter activity.

The tech-savvy website analysts from Mashable then noted that Hollywood star celebs starting their own Google Plus accounts using the new branding feature is becoming more trendy to do lately.

Google+ was once dominated by techies and the usual early adopters but has been attracting big-name celebrities and brands, who regularly post and incite heavy engagement. Three of the top five most-circled users, for example, are Spears, Snoop Dogg and Tyra Banks, according to Social Statistics.

MTV went old school style when issuing Happy Birthday Britney Spears news, too. They followed up with a story about all the love and support the Disney princess is getting lately from famous friends now that she’s turned 30. But, but rather than noting her popularity on Google Plus, they discussed verified celebs who tweeted happy birthday wishes.

Tweet THAT, Google Plus fans…

They wrote, "Happy birthday, Britney Spears! The pop superstar celebrates her 30th b-day on Friday (December 2), and in addition to counting down her most iconic clips during the fan-voted Britney Spears Tournament: 30 Videos for 30 Years, MTV News also got some celebrity pals and Brit’s most famous fans to wish the princess of pop a very happy birthday.”

  • Heidi Klum from Project Runway recalled one of Spears’ most memorable opening lines: "Happy birthday! It’s Britney, bitch, always!”
  • Nick Cannon (husband of Mariah Carey) joked, "Britney, you’re 30, girl. I see. You get your grown woman on!”
  • Jersey Shore star Ronnie had this message: "What’s up, Britney? God bless you. You’re doing great. Happy 30th birthday!”
  • Ellen DeGeneres had a funny tweet for Spears on her birthday: "I can’t believe Britney is turning thritney. I mean thirty. Happy birthday @BritneySpears!”


They even made a Happy Birthday Britney video from MTV to entertain the star (something destined to become a viral video on YouTube, certainly).

Femme Fatale tourmate Pauly D (also from the MTV reality television show Jersey Shore had this Twitter message for Brit: "Happy Birthday To My Girl @britneyspears !!!” he wrote. "I Luv Birthdays !!!”

You know what we love? Social media. Why? Because the more people send notes and letters to one another online — and the more tabloid media sources share electronic versions of news articles rather than printing on glossy paper — the more trees are saved and people can (by default) help protect the environment.

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