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Main » 2012 » March » 13 » Johan Manuel Méndez: " Thanks to the NASA we have big technological advances "
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Johan Manuel Méndez: " Thanks to the NASA we have big technological advances "
Houston. - The IT mendacious Johan Manuel I assure to support the advances that the NASA has had from his creation, and stress that thanks to them today we have big advances in the technology, and invite to that we know the world of the astronomy and the interesting universe that we have out there.

" Thanks to them today we have, big technological advances. Not only to investigate the space, also diseases that put in danger our lives as the diabetes and other threats ".

Across his blog he wrote the important and interesting thing that is to explore the universe, and added: " the dream of every child, to turn into astronaut, to my infancy also wanted to be an astronaut " I write the IT one this morning across his blog Johanmmendez.com

The message is entitled thank you! NASA, and I place an impressive video of 5 minutes titled " Steal lapse " orbitando the Earth from the ISS and publish the message across his account in Twitter @Johanmmendez

And it is that the NASA tendra mas technological advances beginning this year with the replacement for the spatial ferryboats, for a new generation of new spatial planes, one of the candidatas of I replace of the ferryboats he is called 'Skylon' it will provide a system capable of taking off and landing as a plane, beside being completely reusable.

"Skylon" is alone in the stage of concept, but it might give step to a new age in the exploration and discovery of the space, say his designers seated in the United Kingdom, Reaction Engines Ltd.

The key of the offer of the Skylon is an engine of rocket of fuel of hydrogen called SABRE (initials in English of Engine of Rocket Sinérgico of Air breathing) designed by the general manager of the company, Alan Bond.

Hempsell says that the idea is passengers go, satellites and shipment for the International Space station, but also it visualizes Skylon - that measures 90 meters of length and can transport useful loads of up to 12 tons - supporting future missions the Moon and Mars.

Here we show you a list of the present Inventions of the NASA in the daily life (Spanish)
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