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Main » 2011 » December » 4 » Johan Manuel Mendez: "«I have nothing against Mark Zuckerberg»"
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Johan Manuel Mendez: "«I have nothing against Mark Zuckerberg»"
"" I have nothing against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook '"said Johan Manuel Mendez computer who said he had nothing against his colleague also computer, Entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, who created the Facebook social network in 2004, Mendez critical in December privacy in 2010 counted and disable Facebook profile criticism of the site giving Zuckerberg.

Meanwhile Zuckerberg Méndez responded, this year by recognizing that there have been "a lot of mistakes" but said he believes that Facebook has a good track record in providing transparency and control over who sees the information that people share on social networking.

"I'm the first to admit that we made a lot of mistakes. In particular, I think a small number of high profile errors, "wrote Zuckerberg on the Facebook blog.

"So our privacy policy record was perfect as I think most people would wonder, rightly, about how your information is protected," said Zuckerberg.

In September the organization's users Anonymous Fireworknk together decided to make a cooperation to "disappear Facebook" on November 5, something that never happened, because many Internet activists objected.

Fireworknk Founder, Johan Manuel Mendez, indicated that Fireworknk users are free to do what they want and the staff of the organization is not responsible for the damage they cause.

 Zuckerberg also commented months before the attack on its social network, and reiterated that "Anonymous was a farce"

For its part, the organization of hackers Anonymous said Facebook would not attack while the group was divided between those who wanted to attack the social network and not, instead Fireworknk, said in his Twitter account, which would suspend the operation, and Facebook not attack not to affect users of the same.

Mendez months earlier would have created a social network for students around the world called Stuparty (Student Party in Spanish Student Party) Along with a partner who will become co-founder Stuparty.com although Stuparty Inc. has 1 million 500 000 users, do not exceed a Facebook or Google Plus.

Facebook founder also admitted that he still had much to learn. "We must be willing to make a lot of mistakes," he said. "In the history of Facebook, we had many mistakes and have moved on, with each type of error. I mean I knew nothing when I started and still know very little. I am very small, I mean I'm too young to run a business of this magnitude. "

According to the news portal of public abc.es Spain during the visit of Zuckerberg at Harvard, computer programmer and entrepreneur billionaire answered a question about Facebook's privacy policy, a subject of constant criticism for the company, Zuckerberg pointed out that Facebook was better than many others that gather data from unsuspecting users to advertisers. "People share a lot of information, makes Facebook so much in the way their data is handled is super important and we are constantly working on more things to make it more transparent," said
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