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Monday, 2018-10-22, 1:06 AM
Main » 2011 » September » 8 » Anonymous abandons DDoS attacks against Sony
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Anonymous abandons DDoS attacks against Sony
p2pnet view P2PGames :- George Hotz (right), became famous for unlocking Apple’s iPhone at the age of 17. He went on to, to winkle out the PS3’s master key.

Then, Hotz (online ”GeoHot”) was  served court papers, explained Kayot on Slashdot, going on >>>

Shorty after Team fail0verflow discovered faults in the PS3’s TPMs, Geohot and others figured out how to extract the long sought after holy grail encryption keys. Apparently Sony is not pleased and is very keen on defending their poorly defended system with the US legal system.

The basis is that GeoHot released programs that allow the signing of homebrew which can be used to make PSN-like games out of normal PS3 games. However GeoHot has never supported any form of piracy and in fact has taken a constant stance against it.

And, it "doesn’t matter if they flash the bright light”, said ieder-zijn-meis on Gamefreax, pointing out >>>

The important info is scattered all over the internet by now (and only gets more exposure > Streisand Effect)!

 Numbers don’t have protection by I.P. laws

Anonymous responded with a series of DDoS attacks against Sony.  However, the group has halted the onslaught, not because they’re intimidated by anything  Sony would, or might, do.

Rather, "we believe the impact of this particular type of attack has surpassed it’s peak,” they say, going on, "Sony’s poor attempt to explain the system outages by lying about the nature of them is laughable.

"Therefore,  Anonymous is now choosing to pursue other ways of getting Sony’s attention.”

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