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Monday, 2018-10-22, 1:05 AM
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AllForLinux.com, late updates but still hot in Linux World!

Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 beta has been released, check out the news at:


I’m not really expecting much changes with this version of Ubuntu since it might only upgrading or updating the current/previous software inside it. But yeah, the indicator looks quite fine to me. Ubuntu 10.10 will be released on october 2010.

Update for Desktop edition:

The GNOME base platform has been updated to the current 2.31 versions. This particularly includes the new dconf and gsettings API.

Evolution was updated to the 2.30 version, which operates much faster compared to the version in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Shotwell has replaced F-Spot as the default photo manager.

Gwibber has been updated to support the recent change in Twitter’s authentication system, as well as changing the back end storage to improve performance.

The Sound Indicator has been enhanced to include music player controls.

The Ubuntu Software Center has an updated look and feel, including the new "Featured” and "What’s New” views for showcasing applications, an improved package description view, and a "For Purchase” software category has been added. You can also now easily access your package installation history too.

Ubuntu One: Polished desktop integration with new sign up and sign in process. Tighter integration with Ubuntu SSO. Nautilus enhancements for managing folder sync preferences. Faster file sync speed. Share links to music within the Ubuntu One Music Store.

Element OS

Oh yeah, yet another great news from ElementOS, it’s perhaps one of the best HTPC. Element OS has been released,

Element OS has provided these following free premium services for their users:

  • Never pay for cable again. Stream your media online!
  • An easy to learn and use across the room interface.
  • Browse the web with friends and family on your TV.
  • Over 2000 Apps and Games available for download!
  • Control w/ your Android phone or a Qwerty Remote.
  • Hundreds of channels of movies, tv, news & music
    from Hulu, Boxee, Cooliris, YouTube, and more.

Element is a free operating system for home theater PCs, media center computers, and set-top boxes. Featuring an innovative "across the room” interface designed to be connected to your HDTV for a digital media and internet experience from within the comforts of your own living room or lounge. And YES, this Element 1.4 has done the job to surprise us for more indeed. ;)

Google TV?

Oh yeah, this rumor has been thrown away by google to compete with apple tv, and perhaps this device will be added into my wish-list bucket.

More info: google.com/tv . More updates about Google TV will be posted ASAP when I have spared time to post.

Fedora 13

Yes! Fedora 13 is also has been released back then. Seemed to be fedora team project has done yet another great job on modifying their distro. More posts about this distro will be coming soon as possible ;) .

more information about fedora13: release notes

Download page: here

Firefox 4 beta 7?

Yes! it out and fresh! Just to the point, here are the quick commands to install FF 4 beta 7. Copy and paste it respectively into the terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox-4.0

After the installation you will be able to access Firefox 4 beta 7 in menu: Applications – Internet – Minefield 4.0 Web Browser.

Well, I guess that’s it! I’ve catched quite some topics.. I guess I’ll update more later after taking a nap. See ya later guys :)

Oh yeah, I almost forget.. Please also join AllForLinux Facebook community page, you can discuss anything about linux and others over there.

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